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Ammonia nitrogen online analyzer
Ammonia nitrogen online analyzer

The instrument is based on the national standard "HJ 536-2009 Water quality - Determination of ammonia nitrogen - Salicylic acid spectrophotometric method". Its measurement principle is that in the presence of alkaline medium and sodium nitroso ferrocyanide, the ammonia and ammonium ions in the sample react with salicylate and hypochlorite ions to generate blue compounds, which have absorption at a specific wavelength. The absorbance is detected by photoelectric colorimetric principle, and the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the water sample is calculated.

Instrument characteristics

The humanized design enables this product to have a lower failure rate, lower maintenance, longer service life, and higher cost-effectiveness and accuracy compared to similar products;

1. Selection of valve components: Adopting independently developed multi way valves, with long service life, easy installation, and easy maintenance and replacement;

2. Measurement component: Use photoelectric signal to judge the liquid concave page, wait for 10 seconds to collect the value when reaching the minimum value;

3. Sample injection component: The peristaltic pump suction is negative pressure, and there is always an air buffer zone between the reagent and the pump tube to avoid corrosion of the pump tube and corrosion of the peristaltic pump hardware in case of pump tube rupture;

4. Reagent tube: Imported modified PTFE transparent hose is used, with an inner diameter greater than 1.6mm, reducing water sample particle blockage

5. Measurement light source: The original imported light source from Germany is used, and the advanced proportional dual optical path system greatly improves the measurement accuracy and resolution of the instrument.


Performance parameters:


measuring method

Salicylic acid spectrophotometry

Digital input

2-way switching value

measuring range

0-100mg/L; Scalable

Analog output

1 circuit 4-20mA

Measurement period


Digital communication


detection limit


working temperature

5 ℃~40 ℃


± 5%


AC 220V, 50Hz





Zero drift

± 5% F.S

Overall dimensions

High 120 × Width 50 × 40cm deep

Span Drift

± 10% F.S


40kg (excluding reagents)

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