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WL-1A1 flow rate
WL-1A1 flow rate

1. Flow range: 10L/s~10000L/s (related to the type and specification of the water measuring weir groove used)
2. Accumulated traffic: 8-digit decimal number, automatically reset to zero after accumulating 8 digits, recalculated
3. Flow accuracy: ± 5% (1% to 3% of the uncertainty in the amount of water used in the weir groove, plus instrument measurement error of 1% to 2%)
4. Distance measurement range: 0.4m~2m (blind spot within 0.4m from the bottom of the probe, distance measurement range within 0.4m~2m)
5. Ranging accuracy: ± 3mm (calibration result within 1m range)
6. Liquid level resolution: 1mm
7. Working environment temperature: Instrument part: -5 ℃~45 ℃ (GB/T17214.1-C1 standard); Probe part: -33 ℃~40 ℃ (GB/T17214.1-D1 standard).
8. Instrument protection level: Instrument display part: IP66 (the wire hole at the bottom of the instrument should be blocked to prevent dust from entering); Probe part: IP68 (sealed and waterproof shell).
9. Power supply: AC power supply: (220V ± 22V) 6W DC power supply: 12V ± 2V 85mA [When DC power supply is used, the instrument does not have 4-20mA output and relay action] When both AC and DC power supply exist, the instrument uses AC power supply; AC power off, automatically connected to DC.
10. Instrument calendar clock timing error:<0.05%
11. Instrument data storage capacity: one record per minute: continuously stored for more than 20 years
12. (4-20) mA current connected to other instruments: internal sampling resistance of the instrument: 100 Ω; The number of connections that can be made between the negative terminal and the instrument ground terminal: I1, I2, I3, I4, a total of 4 channels
13. Printers that can be connected: DB25 jack (RS232-1); DB9 pin (RS232-2). Choose an EPSON compatible serial port printer for the printer (it is recommended to use UP-T 40)
14. Current output (4-20) mA:
External load resistance: (0-600) Ω
Error: 0.5% (relative to instrument indication)
The negative terminal is connected together with the instrument ground terminal (it can be changed to a floating ground output according to application needs)
Output content: Flow or liquid level
15. RS-232-1: Interface socket, DB25 jack
16. RS-232-2: Interface socket, DB9 pin
17. RS-485: interface three terminal blocks; A line, B line, GND line
18. Relay:
Control method: can be set to cubic meter ratio (when the cumulative flow reaches the set number, the relay will close once), the liquid level will close if it exceeds the upper or lower limit, the liquid level will close if it exceeds the upper limit, or the liquid level will close if it is lower than the lower limit.
Type: Single Pole Double Throw (Normally Open, Normally Closed)
Contact capacity: AC250V 1A; DC30V 1A

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