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Hetai multifunctional controller
Hetai multifunctional controller

Product model: PH/ORP-101

Screen display: 4.6 inch high-definition screen

Measurement range: pH: 0-14pH

ORP: -2000mV~2000mV

Measurement accuracy: pH: ± 0.01pH ORP:±0.01FS

Input impedance: ≥ 10 ^ 12 Ω

Temperature compensation function: NTC50K/Pt1000

Temperature compensation range: 0~130 ° C manual/automatic

Communication function: RS485 function, standard

Modbus protocol, all digital communication

Transmission output: High and low point switching value control and

4-20mA output

Alarm function: 2-way normally open and normally closed


Waterproof grade: IP65

Product size: 144X144X100 (mm)

Opening size: 135X135X100 (mm)

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