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Four Ministries and Commissions Jointly Release the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Plan for Key Watersheds in the 12th Five Year Plan

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Environmental monitoring, as an important support for exploring a new path of environmental protection in China, has ushered in good development opportunities: the improvement of environmental protection awareness in the whole society has injected strong impetus into the development of environmental monitoring; Actively exploring new paths for environmental protection has provided a broad stage for environmental monitoring to play its role; The progress of modern technology and the development of the environmental protection industry have provided broad prospects for innovation in environmental monitoring technology; In recent years, the continuous strengthening of development and construction has provided a solid guarantee for highlighting the effectiveness of environmental monitoring.
While seeing good development opportunities, it should also be soberly recognized that environmental monitoring work still faces many serious challenges: the comprehensive monitoring ability is difficult to adapt to the new needs of social environmental management; The foundation of monitoring work is difficult to meet the new demands of public environmental rights and interests; The level of monitoring technology is difficult to keep up with the new pace of international environmental cooperation; The monitoring system and mechanism are difficult to break through the new difficulties brought about by changes in the situation. Therefore, we need to focus on two major issues in the current and future period: objectively, the rapid growth of environmental pressure will inevitably lead to a rapid expansion of the demand for environmental monitoring technology support, and it is inevitable that environmental monitoring lags behind actual demand; Subjectively, the theoretical research on environmental monitoring is not deep enough and the rules are not well understood, resulting in insufficient foresight and foresight in top-level design and macro planning.

We need to focus on the "two major events" in the current and future periods
Firstly, guided by exploring new paths in environmental protection, we will scientifically construct the overall development pattern of environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring is an important support for exploring a new path of environmental protection in China and an important foundation for the development of environmental protection. Environmental monitoring must adhere to the guidance of exploring new paths for environmental protection, with scientific monitoring as the theme, improving the quality of environmental monitoring as the main line, and guided by the "Three Ones" (unified monitoring management, unified monitoring team, and integrated monitoring network). The goal is to clarify the current situation and changing trends of environmental quality, the status of pollution sources, and potential environmental risks, Accelerate the construction of the "four major systems" An environmental monitoring business system that is compatible with the overall environmental situation, integrated with the work of the Environmental Protection Center, matched with environmental supervision and management, and connected with public environmental demands; an environmental monitoring technology system that closely follows the forefront of international development, conforms to China's environmental characteristics, meets practical work needs, and covers existing business fields; an environmental monitoring equipment system that is moderately advanced, advanced and reliable in performance, scientifically reasonable in configuration, and fully efficient in overall performance ; A sound regulatory system, clearly defined responsibilities, orderly supervision and management, and smooth operation of environmental monitoring organizational system.
The second is to take the comprehensive reform of the environmental protection system as an opportunity to focus on solving the problems of the environmental monitoring system and mechanism. In the coming period, environmental monitoring should focus on accelerating institutional and institutional innovation in the following three aspects: alleviating the pressure of insufficient human resources through various means such as increasing staffing and hiring more talents; Increase the investment of central and local governments at all levels in monitoring undertakings, innovate funding guarantee mechanisms, expand funding channels, improve budget management systems, and solve the problem of mismatch between work funds and monitoring tasks; Ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of data from various aspects such as systems, procedures, and control measures. At the same time, eliminate administrative interference that monitoring data may face by strengthening data disclosure, inspection and supervision, and other forms.

Analyze the situation and tasks, identify the focus of work
With the successful convening of the 7th National Environmental Protection Conference and the successive introduction of various "12th Five Year Plan" environmental protection plans, the blueprint for the development of environmental monitoring in the new era is becoming increasingly clear, and efforts should be focused on the following six aspects:
Firstly, we need to deepen environmental quality monitoring and make efforts to actively guide environmental supervision. Improve key monitoring points and automatic monitoring networks for air quality, key river basins, and groundwater in cities at or above the prefecture level; Steadily establish a monitoring system in new fields such as rural regional monitoring, soil monitoring, and biological monitoring; Efforts should be made to improve the environmental quality evaluation system and focus on improving environmental quality standards for air, water, soil, and other aspects; Scientifically set monitoring indicators and implement phased monitoring of pollution factors such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) that have a high level of social attention and significant impact on human health; Carry out theoretical research on environmental monitoring discipline, improve the monitoring technology system and environmental quality evaluation system, enhance the comprehensive evaluation ability of environmental quality status and change trends, gradually strengthen the correlation analysis between environmental quality and pollution source data, and improve the application value of monitoring information products.
Secondly, we need to strengthen pollution source monitoring and make efforts to support total emission reduction through services. Establish and improve the pollution source monitoring system, improve the statistics and monitoring system for total pollutant emission reduction, strengthen the monitoring of ammonia nitrogen, nitrogen oxides, and greenhouse gases in accordance with the requirements of the "12th Five Year Plan" total amount control, gradually establish the technical route for pollution source monitoring and total amount accounting in key industries, enhance the ability of environmental monitoring data to verify the effectiveness of pollution reduction, and provide strong support for promoting total pollutant emission reduction; Strengthen the supervision and monitoring of key pollution sources, actively carry out supervision and monitoring of key enterprises in the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, strengthen the technical preparation of supervision and monitoring of heavy metals in wastewater discharge and exhaust gas, and do a good job in the review and statistics of heavy metal emission data; Strengthen the construction, supervision, management, and operation maintenance of automatic monitoring systems for pollution sources, scientifically apply pollution source monitoring data, and promote stable and standard discharge of pollution sources.
Thirdly, we need to explore prediction, early warning, and monitoring, and make efforts to effectively prevent environmental risks. Establish a prediction system for atmospheric environmental quality in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, and Pearl River Delta regions, explore collaborative control technologies for multiple pollutants, and achieve risk information analysis and early warning functions; Carry out automatic monitoring of toxic and harmful pollutants in key regions, river basins, and cross-border rivers, and timely identify and track environmental risks and hidden dangers; Establish an efficient and interconnected environmental risk management and emergency rescue technology system, develop a prediction, warning, simulation analysis, and characterization release platform, and gradually build an advanced environmental warning and monitoring system; Explore the establishment of an environmental and health risk assessment system and a technical system for identifying, evaluating, and compensating environmental pollution damage.
Fourth, we must pay attention to prominent environmental issues and put efforts into practical monitoring for the people. Concentrate efforts on prioritizing the monitoring of heavy metal pollution, comprehensive analysis of drinking water source water quality, and other areas that have a significant impact on people's health in key sensitive areas and watersheds; Exploring environmental monitoring mechanisms in areas such as joint prevention and control of air pollution in key regions and assessment of water pollution prevention and control in key river basins; Carry out assessment and evaluation of the ecological environment quality in national key ecological functional areas and counties, comprehensively evaluate the improvement and protection effect of central financial transfer payments on the ecological environment quality in national key ecological functional areas and counties.
Fifth, we need to strengthen the quality management of environmental monitoring and make efforts to continuously improve the credibility of data. Gradually establish a full process quality control technology system that focuses on laboratory analysis and automatic monitoring, covering various monitoring fields, and improve the construction of environmental monitoring standard methods and environmental standard samples; Explore the establishment of a national environmental monitoring capacity verification and evaluation mechanism, and continue to carry out activities such as comparative monitoring, quality sampling, and quality control assessment of national environmental monitoring tasks; Explore the application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things in automatic monitoring of pollution sources and environmental quality, as well as information dissemination, and strengthen social and public opinion supervision of monitoring data. This year, we will first carry out a "major standardization" activity nationwide with the new "Environmental Air Quality Standards", "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standards", and related monitoring standards and specifications.
Sixth, we need to strengthen talent development and focus on improving the overall quality of the monitoring team. Implement the "Three Five Year Plan" talent project for environmental monitoring, as well as large-scale competition activities for environmental monitoring professionals and technical personnel, and strengthen talent cultivation and technical training; Actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation between environmental monitoring institutions and research institutions; Consolidate and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in environmental monitoring, promote the gradual integration of monitoring projects, monitoring indicators, technical methods, and evaluation standards with international standards, and focus on cultivating cutting-edge talents with international recognition.
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